Your Personality — Your Talents — Your Challenges
Job — Finances — Children — Relationships — Family Patterns

When you have a reading with Edith, it is a transformative experience that gives you a roadmap to understanding what influences have lead you to where you are…and how to best navigate your path.


In most readings, Edith combines Eastern (Vedic) and Western Astrological techniques for a more exact and comprehensive look into your most pressing questions. It is a valuable and deep examination of the strongest influences that impact your current situation.

“Edith’s intuitive personality and her caring spirit always makes me feel calm and able to conquer whatever the stars had in store for me. She is straight forward and to the point, yet always compassionate and encouraging.”

Your first reading?
Start with a Natal Chart Interpretation.

Wondering where to move to?
A Relocation Chart examines all the ways a city is good or bad for you.

Do you have an urgent question about something in your life?
Edith can give you great insights with a Horary Chart

Are your writing a book about your family or want to understand more about your ancestors?
Learn more about your family patterns with a Ancestor Chart

Want to know about your child’s talents, capabilities and future potential?
Find out all this and more with a Children’s Chart